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AnnaMay and Dave at SDCC 2010

Geek World is like nothing else you’ll hear on the radio. Funny, informative and geeky, this show lets everyone appreciate their own inner-geeks, and lets you escape everyday monotony and venture into a world of fun craziness.

Every Thursday & Friday at 12 noon (PST) on Indie 100 listeners get to hang out with their best geeky and irreverent friends, AnnaMay: Mistress of the Dork & Dave: The Man Who Never Stops Talking! Geek World’s prime directive is to make lunchtime fun again! And now there's even more chances to catch the show on  The Point Radio (based in CT) and Shellies (based in the UK). Check out the Radio Page to see the full airing schedule!

In addition to the radio AnnaMay and Dave have also started doing a weekly YouTube show called Geek World Radio with new episodes posting every Wednesday. You can see past episodes on the PLAYLIST or just go to the to see all of the recent videos

These Superhero Superhosts bring you a comedy show covering a wide variety of geeky topics including anime, video games, comic books, superheroes, TV shows, movies, events & general geek culture. Geek World’s weekly conversations ride the line between everyday pop culture and esoteric fanboy trivia.

Geek World began in 2005 in a small studio in Hollywood, CA with a weekly show that attracted the attention of listeners. In 2009 AnnaMay & Dave moved the show to the Burbank based indie radio station 92.5 KYHY (now Indie 100) where it continued to grow and in 2011 the show began syndicating to the East Coast based internet radio station The Point Radio. Every week listeners get to hear 3 hours of new content full of unscripted off-the-cuff geekiness courtesy of hosts AnnaMay & Dave.

Remember people of the world: We Come in Geek!

AnnaMay AnnaMay: Mistress of the Dork (Creator, Producer, Host) In a tiny Hollywood studio in 2005 AnnaMay created the radio show Geek World as a way to encourage everybody to indulge in their own inner geeks. In addition to being an on-air personality and running the show she is also a producer for original videos created for Geek World's website and does the still photography at conventions and events. AnnaMay also created and maintains Geek World's web presence including contributing to the blog and handling Geek World's twitter.
Dave Dave: The Man Who Never Stops Talking (Producer, Host) Soon after Geek World was created Dave joined the team to become AnnaMay's co-host. In addition to being an on-air personality Dave is responsible for producing and editing original videos and audio presentations for the website and show and handling video at conventions and events. He also contributes to the blog.
Rybar Darkubus Rybar: (Correspondent) Rybar is a friend of AnnaMay and Dave who has been a great contributor to Geek World since 2009. He often comes into the studio to add his perspective and knowledge to the conversation. Rybar also makes occasional contributions to the blog.
Geekin Geekin: (Minion) Not much is known about Geekin. He is the occasionally blogging and tweeting minion that AnnaMay and Dave often send off on seemingly impossible tasks.

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