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Geek World has a variety of exciting advertising and sponsorship opportunities!

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Why Advertise on Geek World

Advertising on Geek World Brings Office Zombies to Life

When you advertise on Geek World your business will be immediately connected to an audience of potential new customers. Radio is an evolving medium with stations like Indie 100 (formerly 92.5 KYHY) and The Point allowing listeners to go beyond traditional methods by tuning in on their computers and smart phones. Your business can be right at our listeners' fingertips.

Geek World plays on Indie 100 (based in Burbank, CA) every Thursday and Friday at Noon and replays multiple times through throughout the week on The Point (based in Connecticut). This means your advertising has a multitude of chances each week to catch the attention of potential customers worldwide.

Now Geek World has a new YouTube show which gives you an even bigger opportunity to maximize your advertising reach!

Why Advertise | Ad/Sponsor Options | Contact Us

Sponsorship & Advertising Options

With options on the radio and web there are a variety of advertising and sponsorship possibilities to fit any budget. Contact our ad sales department to discuss the best options for your business or obtain a rate sheet.

Shout Outs: With an On-Air Shout Out Geek World hosts AnnaMay & Dave will mention your business on air including your address or website. With a Blog/Twitter Shout out Geek World will mention your business on the official Geek World Blog and Twitter pages with a link to your website or your address. This is an inexpensive option for businesses on a budget.

Banner Ads: You can have a banner ad linked to your website on Geek World's website and blog or on the KYHY website. There are a variety of different size and price options depending on where you want your banner ad to appear.

Radio Ads: Have your 30 second ad play during a Geek World commercial break. Episodes of Geek World air four times so your ad will get four plays for the price of one. There are three options for ad content:
1: You provide a 30 second audio file with your ad.
2: Geek World does a live read of your ad on air, you just provide the text. (There is an extra fee with this option)
3: Geek World has a professional ad created for you, you just provide the information you want the audience to hear (once you pay to have this ad produced it will belong to you to use as you please)

Segment Sponsors: You sponsor one hour of one episode of Geek World. Along with having your ad played on air you will get an On-Air Shout Out at the top of the hour and a Blog/Twitter Shout Out. There are deals for Monthly Segment Sponsors.

Show Sponsors: You will be the sole sponsor for an entire episode of Geek World. Your ad will be played on air once per hour, you will get an On-Air Shout Out at the top and bottom of every hour, and you'll get a Blog/Twitter Shout Out. We have deals for Monthly Show Sponsors

Podcast Sponsors: Your ad will play once during each hour of a podcast (each episode is 3 hours) plus your business will be mentioned as the Podcast Sponsor along with your website or contact info at the top and bottom of each hour.

Why Advertise | Ad/Sponsor Options | Contact Us

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